Thursday, 18 December 2014

Fuji'ing in Europe-Part 3: London.

A rather inrteresting view of the london skyline.

Had to go see the Big Ben.

I have always been fascinated by how people interact with famous landmarks.

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Such a great tool to stay discrete, waiting with a camera has never been easier.

The Zeiss 12 2.8 is indeed for such photographs of buildings.

Shot a few images with my second cousin & her husband

Shot a few images with my second cousin & her husband

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Men, London.

Harrods, London
Women, London. 
Camden Market.

Subway station.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Fuji'ing in Europe- Part 2: Glasgow.

Glasgow was an exceptional experience, my first visit to UK.
Looking at the flight schedule with dad at the turkish airport.
Shot from the hip at the airport. Though the shutter sound isnt as quiet as the leaf shutter of the x100s, its still discrete.
Reached heathrow airport, waiting for our flight to Glasgow.
Heathrow Airport.
On the airport shuttle.
Heathrow Airport. Again, a fantastic camera in such situations.
Glasgow University.
The arches of Glasgow University were beautiful.
Rally for independence at Glasgow,UK.
Rally for independence at Glasgow,UK.
Rally for independence at Glasgow,UK.
Rally for independence at Glasgow,UK.
Selfie in Glasgow where the light was brilliant.
Kelvingrove museum, Glasgow. The light was just stellar. Again, the kids were at ease with such a small & friendly camera.
The 18 f/2 is brilliant in such situations, and getting perfect exposure is never difficult. And the EVF really helps here, showing you exactly what you get.
A journey of life, brilliant colors from the camera itself.
Another one from the kelvimgrove park, with beautiful autumn colors.
Glasgow, UK.
Kelvingrove museum. The zeiss 12 f/2.8 is fantastic for such indoor use.
Another one from the zeiss 12mm.
Possibly the most beautiful afternoon in Glasgow. This was right beside our conference center, SECC.
Kept waiting with the elements for somebody to walk into the frame.
Another one from the hip as we were waitijng at the Glasgow central station.
From Glasgow to Newcastle via train, the landscape was beautiful.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Fuji'ing in Europe- Part 1: Istanbul.

I wont be lying if I say I prefer travelling with the Fuji system more than the heavy DSLRs. Earlier this year, carried the Fuji X100s to India, but this time I wanted to try the Fuji X-E2 which I used mostly Zeiss 12 f/2.8 and the much under-rated but fantastic Fujinon 18 f/2.
Waiting for our early morning/dawn flight, witnessed few passengers sleeping like this.

A great example of how discreet the camera is, persomally love this photograph of the child beimg amused by being able to watch movies even in flight.

As we approached Istanbul,Turkey.

Istanbul Airport.
For the very first time of our life, we experienced power cut in a foreign hotel, that too once we checked in.

The view from the hotel wimdow made up for the power shortage, we were right beside the majestic blue mosque.

Interior of the majestic mosque.

Hagya Sofia.

Hagya Sofia/

Tourists snapping away on the boat cruise on bosphorus river.

The famous bridge om Bosphorus River.

Turkey has become a tourist hotspot and the boat cruise is extremely popular.

Wondering the streets of Istanbul was a treat, you never knew what would lie next.

Travelling in a new city means a lot of walking.

Inside Hagya Sofia, with inscribed names of ALLAH, prophet(pbuh) Muhammad & Mother Mary's image.

Inside Hagya Sofia.

Inside Hagya Sofia.

Jumma Prayers at Blue Mosque.

Selfie at the blue mosque with the Zeiss 12 f/2.8.

Blue Mosque exit

Blue Mosque exit

Blue Mosque exit

Kids trying to play with the birds.

Grand Bazaar.

Cats everywhere.

The Fuji 18 f/2 is perfect for this kind of shots from the hip.
We visited the bosphorus seaside in the evening & it was pretty crowded.