Sunday, 20 October 2013

The last journey.

One of two major Muslim festivals, Eid-Ul-Adha(Festival of Sacrifice) is celebrated from the time of Prophet Abraham when he was initially asked to sacrifice his beloved son Ismael in the name and path of God. Later, God revised it to sacrificing a four legged cattle. The sacrifice of the cattle is a symbolic one, depicting the sacrfice the animal instincts in humans. And the meat of the cattle is distributed in 3 equal parts-one for the host, one for the relatives and one for the underprivileged ones. The cattle chosen for the sacrifice is bought with a lot of care and attention, since it is a direct offering for the Lord. The cattle, in return live the best death one could wish for. The last journey-I The last journey-II The last journey-III The last journey-IV The last journey-V The last journey-VI The last journey-VII The last journey-VIII The last journey-IX The last journey-X The last journey-XI The last journey-XII The last journey-X

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