Saturday, 19 May 2012

A rainy evening

Rain has always fascinated me, and the fact that it is seldom photographed makes it even more charming. Raindrops,umbrellas, the streets during and after rain always makes fabulous photographs.

 I was originally seating on a window seat at McDonalds,eating a very late lunch and simultaneously studying for a couple of hours when I took these photographs.

The Fuji x100 can be a handy camera to carry around, but its auto focusing system can be slightly slow for such occasions. one easy,practical remedy to combat that is to turn it to manual focusing,use a preset focusing distance of a couple of meters and stop down the aperture value to f/5.6-11. That way, you can photograph the moment you want without compromising the milliseconds of auto focusing. I also used a shutter speed of around 1/250s to 1/125s(apparently that's a good shutter speed to blend in movements without evoking shutter shake). The ISO was somewhere between 400-800(didnt bother with it much since the x100 gives you clean files at ISO-1600).The 35mm equivalent focal length(23mm on its APS-C sensor) is very effective for such photography and I've always felt more comfortable using fixed focal lengths.

Anyway,this is just a series of photographs from the evening. All of them are straight out of camera, I moved in and out of color while taking the photographs. Leave me some feedback if you feel like. Till next time,cheers!

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