Monday, 29 April 2013

Friends in B&W

Tazuin Z. Chowdhury, or Lyl as I call her, is a soul sister. This was at the serene Kattoli beach a few days back.

Nusrat Khusbu,my bad friend as I like to call her. Beleive it or not, the curtain was as red as a red apple!
Zuhair Hussain KHAN, who isn't a terrorist. This was taken during my last month in China, during one of our very frequent gatherings.
Ishrat Amin, one of the most popular wedding photographers of the country trusted me with her own portraits. Well, what can I say, I felt honored.

Vasudha Chowdhary, during one of our many photo expeditions in China. This was at an old factory/garage setting. Boy,the light was brilliant.

Jessica Islam Lia, writer/photographer. Taken during one of our very rare meetups in Dhaka.

Piumanga Leelaratne, from Srilanka, one of the very few persons I would have regretted about if I wasn't friends with. This was a rare occasion where she actually let me photograph her.

Uzma Alam, muse, angel, close to heart. This was one of our early dates. A photograph very dear to me personally.
Pooja Dhotah, or Poo as we called her. I remember how excited I was to shoot with my newly acquired 35mm f/1.4G. We have been spotting this location all winter.

Maksuda Lillah, a friend from school. That day I met her after quite a few years. What was funny was that we had never been that close as friends before the last time we met. But I guess through distance, we have seen each other grow up and somehow felt that we were going through similar motions in life.

Dooshav Jagarnath, or Doosh as we called him. If somebody told me I'd make friends with a badass rock punk who loves alchohol, I would have never beleived him. But then I am glad that Doosh changed it.

Abdul Basith, or Babbai as we called him comes from Hyderabad. This was one fine evening after i got my Sigma 85 1.4.

Himadu Warnakoolasurya, I am sure I missed out on her middle name. And that she's crying over the fact that she is so low down in the list,haha. Thats her!

Mohammed Abdi,or Mo Bank like he calls himself of facebook. Selfless soul. This was after one of our final exams in the fifth year, I can imagine why he was so happy.
Farah Aklima, who came to buy my 50mm f/1.8 lens 3 odd years earlier. This was the very first time we met in Cofi'11,chittagong.

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